# Flag Callsign Suffix DPRS Via / Peer Last heard Listening on
1 EnglandEngland 2E0YML 2E0YML B 23.03.2023 17:35 B
2 EnglandEngland M6JLM M6JLM B 23.03.2023 14:50 B
3 EnglandEngland M6LUN AMBE M6LUN B 22.03.2023 15:50 B
4 EnglandEngland M1CYT M1CYT B 18.03.2023 10:41 B

XLX481 / YSF41418 hosted by 2E0YML.

2023-03-17: Module B now linked with Allstar 58829.

2023-03-03: Parrot is back on Module F. Incident filed under "2E0YML should read the docs thoroughly".

2023-03-01: Parrot is not working while we fix a bug with the DMR bridge.


Module A
Module B DDRC Chat
Module C
Module D
Module E M6LUN Testing
Module F Parrot


xlxd active
hblink3-bridge active
hblink3-playback active
mmdvm-bridge-allstar-58829 active
mmdvm-bridge-allstar-58829 active